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  • HV series - The latest generation is large and fast

  • HMT series - Simple, independent, table-mounted

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Laboratory Autoclaves and Bio Safety Cabinets



Welcome at HMC Europe!


Our company provides you with premium quality autoclaves and biological safety cabinets for laboratory use. All of our products are on stock and can be delivered within one week. Products are certified by the high standards of the German “TÜV” and flawlessly manufactured.


To put it in a nutshell: HMC Europe stands for fast delivery, high quality products and global service in the areas of autoclaves for laboratory use and biological safety cabinets.





Autoclaves by HMC Europe:

After all steam sterilizing still is the best and safest way to make your probes, instruments or flasks germfree. In these tasks HMC Europe is your reliable partner.

We provide you with high-quality laboratory autoclaves, made out of selected materials to satisfy the needs and technical demands of their fields of application and finished by supreme craftsmanship.

The focus lies on vertical and table-mounted autoclaves class B, providing you with three different product lines – each customized to different requirements in different laboratories and different operative ranges.

HG – Series



HMT – Series


HV – Series

Solid and reliable.


HG Serie



HMT Serie



HV Serie


Net price from 8.900€(2)

Net price from 2.255€(2)

Net price from 6.090€(2)



Bio Safety Cabinets:

HMC Europe offers bio safety cabinets, Class I-II for laboratory and medical use. The special feature of these bio safety cabinets are the small external dimensions in comparison to competitor’s bio safety cabinets. Therefore you can place these products for example in small laboratories where a bigger bio safety cabinet wouldn’t fit in – of course with no reductions in terms of safety and functionality.

Bio Safety Cabinet – Class I/II

Safety in a small place.


 BSC-700-2-1 biobase HMC


Net price from 3.990€(2)



Service and Options:

Purchasing a product is the first step – the next step is retaining it in perfect conditions. HMC Europe helps you in this task by professional service offers and extensive consultancy. We are specialists in our field and want to share our knowledge with you so that you will take best benefits out of your HMC Europe autoclaves and/or bio safety cabinets.

Options for our autoclaves are for example:

  • baskets in different sizes
  • trolleys
  • loadmaster
  • documentation / recorders for data logging

All products by HMC Europe fulfill the EG-laws and are certified by the strict norms of the German TÜV.

 (1)This offer is only available for customers who buy a new machine, including documentation software by SegoSoft.

(2)Prices are net prices exklusive of VAT. Please ask for a detailed offer with all accessories.

Fairs / Exhibitions

Lab Supply
17. August 2016
Dresden, Germany

06. September 2016
Wesseling, Germany
Represented by the company Inzelmann

Further exhibitions you can find at "News"!

Used and exhibition equipment

We are selling our used and exhibition equipment, as new or with small signs of wear.
Technically our used and exhibition equipment is in perfect condition.

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