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We assure quality, comfort and safety!
Our corporate philosophy

We are known for high safety standards as well as low life cycle costs. Our autoclaves and safety cabinets are convenient and easy to use.

Every day we do everything to offer you the best service. Our big advantage: We deliver reliably and fast. We usually have the equipment and spare parts in stock. As a small but constantly growing family business, we sell autoclaves and safety cabinets all over Europe. We support you from the beginning till the end of your project and are at your side with our trained technicians even after the purchase. Our small company is family-run. Teamwork is a top priority for us.

Facts and figures about HMC Europe

Only location Tüssling in Bavaria, Germany
Founded 2002, first as affiliated company of Hirayama Manufacturing Corporation,
since 2003 as an independent German family business
Employees 11 (some of them work part-time)
Products Autoclaves and biological safety cabinets class II for laboratories

Happy Customers

We, the Federal Office of Viticulture and Fruit Growing in Klosterneuburg, have been working very successfully with the HMC HV-25L and HV-85L autoclaves since 2005. The order processing and delivery was uncomplicated and fast. The HMC team was very courteous and friendly. The installation and commissioning by the HMC technician was also pleasant and uncomplicated.
The operation of the autoclaves is user-friendly and possible for all colleagues after a short instruction. The HV-85L autoclave is used several times a week and impresses with its durability and reliability.

Federal Office of Viticulture and Fruit Growing

eleva GmbH is a biotechnology company located in Freiburg im Breisgau. Using our proprietary bryotechnology, we produce complex proteins such as antibodies and replacement enzymes and have successfully advanced our own pharmaceutical products into clinical development. We have been using the HMC Europe autoclaves since 2000 and the equipment is used daily for sterilization of media and inactivation of GMOs. What we particularly appreciate about HMC Europe is the friendly and efficient service as well as the short delivery times for new purchases. In addition, the simple operation of the equipment allows us to work comfortably and smoothly. If minor repairs are necessary, they can be carried out by our team thanks to illustrated instructions. With regular maintenance, however, the devices are not very susceptible to faults anyway. We would choose an autoclave from HMC Europe again at any time!

Eleva GmbH

We have been using an HMC autoclave since 2004, and since 2020 we have been using the HV-50L autoclave. The device is mainly used for the production of nutrient media. We need these for the internal quality control of our sourdoughs.
The HMC team is very accommodating and cooperative. They respond quickly and specifically to requests. In the case of an inquiry, we received an appropriate offer within a few hours. The handling was also uncomplicated.
The consultations have always been very competent. Inquiries were answered promptly and a solution was found together. The HV-50L autoclave is very user-friendly and easy to operate with the selectable programs.
Due to the possibility of adding components, the device is also well suited for later retrofitting. The user-friendliness, the possibility to retrofit the autoclave and the delivery time, made us very enthusiastic.

Ernst Böcker GmbH & Co.KG

We use the autoclave for the safe preparation of culture media and for the sterilization of bacterial cultures as well as the laboratory glassware and instruments used in connection with our experiments. We use the autoclave once or twice a week.
The service was very good. The staff member was really friendly, knowledgeable, answered all my questions and worked with me to create a schedule that would also allow students to use the autoclave safely. We are very satisfied.
The ease of use is high. Our students can operate it on their own after being instructed by qualified personnel. The choices are just right for our needs.
Once again, we thank you very much for your financial support, without which we would not have been able to purchase the autoclave. Currently, it is used for "Science Olympia" (2020/2021, note from the editors) courses as well as for projects. One of the projects won a special prize at "Jugend forscht" and is currently participating in the Artur Fischer Inventor Award, Invent at School and the International Conference of Young Scientists. This would not have been possible without the autoclave.

Schülerforschungszentrum Tuttlingen

We use our HV-50L autoclave about 2-3 times a week. Advice, order processing and service were very professional and friendly. We were also satisfied with the delivery and delivery time.
We particularly like the high level of user-friendliness, a good selection of programs and the possibility of creating our own programs.

Giesinger Bräu, Munich

Our cooperation with HMC Europe was extremely competent and friendly. A member of staff explained very carefully all the advantages of the different devices and helped us a lot in the decision making process for our device. The order processing was very fast and uncomplicated. The operation of the autoclave is extremely simple and intuitive. The autoclave is much faster than other devices at the institute when it comes to the duration of an autoclave cycle!

Technical University of Munich

The autoclave is very user-friendly and easy to operate, very friendly service from HMC Europe.

University of Bayreuth,
ecological microbiology

We are using our autoclave since end of July 2019 for sterilization of liquids as well as media and are very happy.

Alland & Robert

We use HMC autoclaves since 2003.
Super fast sterilisation times, simple operation.

Bürger GmbH

The impression of your employees was very competent and interested.
The advice and instruction by your trained technician was very satisfying and helpful.We were also convinced by the very simple operation and the fast usability of your autoclave.

University of Leipzig,
Faculty of Life Sciences

We are using our autoclave to sterilize agar, test samples and microbiological waste. The autoclave is used at least once a day. The consultation, order procedure, quick delivery as well as the service has been positive.

Starzinger GmbH & Co KG

We wish all our customers continous success with their quality autoclave from HMC Europe!

Do you also have already made experiences with our devices?

Just send us your evaluation, we are looking forward to hearing from you!

Certified and awarded!


Our technicians are also TÜV-trained

and mostly have a qualification as master or engineer. As we are a small family business offering the best consultation and support even after the purchase is most important to us!

Saving resources?
Of course!

Environmental protection is very important to us!
This is reflected in low life cycle costs for our entire product range. Because of the high energy efficiency and a long service life you do not only save money but also the environment.

How can we achieve this?

For our autoclaves we manufacture high quality materials to high-tech chambers with reduced mass. This ensures energy efficiency with short heating and cooling phases. For maximum efficiency the heating takes place directly in the feed water. Moreover, we achieve a remarkably low power consumption and noise level for our biological safety cabinets by using latest technology.

All of our products are designed for durability to ensure you can enjoy your equipment for a long time. That is not only a matter of sustainability but also a surplus value for you. In our maintenance contracts we ensure that a maximum service life can be achieved by examining the devices carefully. The best thing is to convince yourself personally!

Corporate Responsibility
Our sponsoring-project:

The Kripo-Colouring book for kindergarten and school children


It is in general important to support our society as much as possible, especially in the current corona period. The Association of German Criminal Investigators has been publishing the Kripo-Tipps series at regular intervals for more than 10 years. The aim is to describe dangerous situations in a way that is as suitable as possible for kindergarten and primary school children and to show them simple and clear help possibilities. We, HMC Europe GmbH, are pleased to be able to support the bdk in the project Kripokindermalbuch. With this campaign 10,000 copies were printed and thus used for valuable prevention work in schools and kindergartens in our region.

We are happy to assist you!

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