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We assure quality, comfort and safety!
Our corporate philosophy

We are known for high safety standards as well as low life cycle costs. Our autoclaves and safety cabinets are convenient and easy to use.

Every day we do everything to offer you the best service. Our big advantage: We deliver reliably and fast. We usually have the equipment and spare parts in stock. As a small but constantly growing family business, we sell autoclaves and safety cabinets all over Europe. We support you from the beginning till the end of your project and are at your side with our trained technicians even after the purchase. Our small company is family-run. Teamwork is a top priority for us.

Facts and figures about HMC Europe

Only location Tüssling in Bavaria, Germany
Founded 2002, first as affiliated company of Hirayama Manufacturing Corporation,
since 2003 as an independent German family business
Employees 11 (some of them work part-time)
Products Autoclaves and biological safety cabinets class II

Happy Customers

The autoclave is very user-friendly and easy to operate, very friendly service from HMC Europe.

University of Bayreuth,
ecological microbiology

We are using our autoclave since end of July 2019 for sterilization of liquids as well as media and are very happy.

Alland & Robert

We are using our autoclave to sterilize agar, test samples and microbiological waste. The autoclave is used at least once a day. The consultation, order procedure, quick delivery as well as the service has been positive.

Starzinger GmbH & Co KG

We wish all our customers continous success with their quality autoclave from HMC Europe!

Do you also have already made experiences with our devices?

Just send us your evaluation, we are looking forward to hearing from you!

Certified and awarded!


Our technicians are also TÜV-trained

and mostly have a qualification as master or engineer. As we are a small family business offering the best consultation and support even after the purchase is most important to us!

Saving resources?
Of course!

Environmental protection is very important to us!
This is reflected in low life cycle costs for our entire product range. Because of the high energy efficiency and a long service life you do not only save money but also the environment.

How can we achieve this?

For our autoclaves we manufacture high quality materials to high-tech chambers with reduced mass. This ensures energy efficiency with short heating and cooling phases. For maximum efficiency the heating takes place directly in the feed water. Moreover, we achieve a remarkably low power consumption and noise level for our biological safety cabinets by using latest technology.

All of our products are designed for durability to ensure you can enjoy your equipment for a long time. That is not only a matter of sustainability but also a surplus value for you. In our maintenance contracts we ensure that a maximum service life can be achieved by examining the devices carefully. The best thing is to convince yourself personally!

Corporate Responsibility
Our sponsoring-projects:

First aid colouring book for primary school children in the district of Altötting

Time after time situations may arise in which it is important to be able to help quickly - not only at work but also in everyday life. Safety and personal protection are important to us because we operate systems that are subject to monitoring and we instruct our customers in how to handle them safely and correctly. It is therefore important for us to already make children aware of how to deal properly with dangerous situations and to show them how first aid can be provided. That is why we support the project “Workbook First Aid" of the Rescue Centre Traunstein Christoph 14 e. V. The children are taught the skills to be able to provide first aid in emergencies - age-appropriately processed. The workbooks are distributed free of charge in schools and thus make an important contribution to children learning to help.

Help for children in Africa: our partnership and the project „Children in Need - Help for South Africa e. V.“

With World-Vision we support a little girl from southern Africa with a partnership and thus make a lasting contribution to a better future. World-Vision always helps the family and the whole region of the child. The organization "Children in Need - Help for South Africa" also focuses on helping children in South Africa. All projects are visited personally to determine the amount of assistance needed. The projects are then presented and donations in kind or money collected in a targeted manner. Further information can be found directly at https://www.kinder-in-not.org/

We are happy to assist you!

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