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"As good as new" devices from fairs or service loans

We sell "as good as new" devices from fairs and service loans, technically always in perfect condition, visually as good as new or with slight signs of wear.

Table-top autoclave HMT 232 N
Training device

  • Volume: 15 liters
  • Recorder for storing data on SD card or USB flash drive
  • Year of manufacturing: 2015
  • With slight signs of wear
  • 4 programs
  • Perfect for simple applications, like sterilizing unpacked instruments
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Table-top autoclave HMT 260 MBF
"As good as new" device

  • Chamber volume: 24 liters
  • Features: printer and temperature sensor for sterilizing liquids
  • Year of manufacturing: 2017
  • With slight signs of wear
  • With vacuum and drying function
  • 5 sterilization and 3 test programs
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Table-top autoclave HMT 260 MA
"As good as new" device

  • Volume: 24 liters
  • Year of manufacturing: 2010
  • With Vacuum
  • With age-related signs of wear
  • 7 programs, fully automatic
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You could not find your perfect device yet? We offer a wide range of accessories.
From the lifting device to a printer for documentation or a flexible temperature sensor, our accessories make it possible to configurate the autoclave according to your requirements.

Do you already know our consumables?

Our consumables offer a more comfortable sterilization. Order your matching accessories:

  • Loading baskets/ cans: With this „must-have“ you can easily and safely bring your sterilized goods into and out of the autoclave; we offer baskets in various sizes, with and without bowl or closed cans with and without holes. For our table top autoclaves we additionally support you with stacking systems, one set consisting of a rack with plates or grid and removal aid.
  • Sterilization bags: These waste bags made of polypropylene film facilitate the sterilization and disposal of contaminated laboratory articles; 110 l, autoclavable up to 134 °C.
  • Autoclave cleaner: Powerful against limescale and dirt: your autoclave will be cleaned quickly for an increased service life at regular application.
  • Autoclave deodorant: For a fresh scent in your laboratory, french perfume in 5 fragrances: classic, apple, citrus, floral and peach.
  • Indicator tape: Our allrounder: for sealing packages and at the same time for checking whether the labelled product has already been in the autoclave.
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