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Features at first glance

  • Biological safety cabinets, class II
  • Highest personal, product and carry-over protection
  • Negative pressure system
  • Available in different sizes:
    • HMC Safeguard Pro 600 with a width of only 600 mm (External and internal dimensions)
    • HMC Safeguard Pro 900 with a width of 1000 mm (External dimensions) /   900 mm (Internal dimensions)
    • HMC Safeguard Pro 1200 with a width of 1300 mm (External dimensions) / 1200 mm (Internal dimensions)
    • HMC Safeguard Pro 1500 with a width of 1600 mm (External dimensions) / 1500 mm (Internal dimensions)
    • HMC Safeguard Pro 1800 with a width of 1900 mm (External dimensions) / 1800 mm (Internal dimensions)
  • Latest technology (e.g. optional remote control)
  • Remarkably low noise level and power consumption
  • Many different features
  • Produced in Sweden
  • Functional and modern design

HMC Safeguard Pro 600

Safety in miniature size

Perfect for challenging tasks in the smallest spaces

HMC Safeguard Pro 900

Our smart intermediate size

For comfortable work with maximum safety for you, the environment and your product

HMC Safeguard Pro 1200

The classic size

Ideal for comfortable and spacious working

HMC Safeguard Pro 1500

The perfect companion for big goals

Practical intermediate size for users who find 1800mm work surface too large and 1200mm work surface too small

HMC Safeguard Pro 1800

Gigantically large

Get the most demanding tasks done in a relaxed way with plenty of space


Are you looking for ...

... no exposure to noise and more comfortable working?

Our safety cabinets have a remarkably low noise level: less than 47 d(BA) at 0,5 m/s inflow and 0,35 m/s downflow. Simple operation is ensured by an intuitively operable display with touchscreen, electrically adjustable front glass and optionally a support stand (electrically or mechanically height adjustable).

... low life-cycle-costs, quickstarting devices and in addition a low CO2-emission because protecting the environment is important to you?

Remarkably low power consumption: the safety cabinet can run at half speed all the time and therefore is quickly ready to operate. In addition it keeps the working space free from aerosol from the surrounding air. You will save time and money because the low power consumption can pay off the purchase costs in little time.

... a maximum of product and user protection?

Visual and audible alarm signal according to the strict standards of TÜV Nord (Germany) as well as DIN EN 12469; Separate display for checking status and alarm messages for clear notification; the safety cabinets are suitable for clean rooms.

... an uncomplicated way of cleaning the unit?

Frameless side windows for easy cleaning and a divided stainless steel working surface which is particularly simple to handle and to clean. Optionally: For easy cleaning without the risk of contamination, we offer a front window that can be adjusted further downwards. By that the front window can be accessed for cleaning from above without any airflow interruption.

... recreation for tired eyes?

A dimmable LED-light is a standard feature for the working space; maximum 2000 lux.

... a highly effective UV-light to degerm your working surface?

Optionally integrated UV-light hidden in the back wall of the working surface so the light is not interrupting the air flow when not in use.

... to easily weigh your samples inside the BSC at 4 decimals without imprecisions caused by vibrations on the working surface?

The cabinet is close to vibration free and offers weighing inside at 4 decimals without any additional support stand. But if necessary, we also offer fitting weight stones.

... the possibility of adding options to meet your requirements?

Do you need a custom built model? Just contact us, we will be happy to assist you. From castors for an easy commissioning to USB and RJ outlets for documentation: our accessories accessories make it possible
to configurate the safety cabinet according to your requirements.
  • Technical data
  • Individual options

Safeguard Pro 600

SP 900

SP 1200

SP 1500

SP 1800

Article number






External dimensions, W x D x H mm 600 x 730 x
1953 (1978)
1003 x 799 x
1953 (1978)
1303 x 799 x
1953 (1978)
1603 x 799 x
1953 (1978)
1907 x 799 x
1953 (1978)
Internal dimesions, W x D x H mm 540 (597) x 530
(640) x 700
900 x 520
(625) x 700
1200 x 520
(625) x 700
1500 x 520
(625) x 700
1800 x 520
(625) x 700
Front window opening mm 200 (adjustable 180 - 330)
Work height, standard support stand mm 700 - 1050
Weight kg 145 190 220 250 280
Downflow m/s 0,28 (adjustable 0,25 - 0,53)
Inflow m/s 0,45 (adjustable 0,45 - 0,55)
Deviation ±% <8 <8 <8 <8 <8
Noise level ISO3744 dB(A) 46 46 46 47 47
Down flow rate m3/h 340 510 680 840 1010
Exhaust flow rate m3/h 180 290 390 480 580
Typ HEPA H14 EN1822, 99,999 % at 0,3 μm particle size
Lighting of the working surface (LED-Licht) Lux 0-2000, dimmable
Voltage frequency V/Hz 220-240/50-60 or 110-120/50-60
Power consumption, from W 60 90 100 130 140
  • Unique remote support: you save precious time because we can do web-based trouble shooting and, if necessary, our technicians will afterwards visit with the right equipment
  • Castors for an easy commissioning (take care: if moved the cabinet‘s airflows must be calibrated again!)
  • Working surface in one piece, not divided
  • Back wall made of stainless steel
  • Working space as a standard feature is from stainless steel 304, but it is also available in 316
  • Self closing front window at power failure thanks to an additional battery; it keeps the device running for another 20 minutes
  • USB und RJ outlets for documentation
  • Gas and water taps

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