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News from 21.08.2020

What actually happens during the maintenance of an autoclave? And why is the annual maintenance so important? Are there any legal requirements? And what about the pressure vessel inspection?

What exactly is a media temperature sensor? What is the purpose of an exhaust air filtration? And what is counter-pressure?

Laboratory Autoclaves (steam sterilizers) by HMC Europe

Over the next few weeks, we look forward to answering your questions about these topics and to illuminating various facets in detail in our exclusive news series.
The technical articles will appear at regular intervals of two to three weeks and will accompany you through this autumn and winter.

When does the new News series start? The starting signal will be given on Friday, 28.08.2020 with the first article "The regular maintenance of your autoclaves", in which you will find information about the maintenance procedure and how to recognize a qualified service.

The other topics in short overview:

- Media temperature sensor (publication date: 11.09.2020)
- The German Industrial Safety Regulation (“Betriebssicherheitsverordnung”) as legal basis for the regular maintenance (publication date: 25.09.2020)
- Used equipment (publication date: 16.10.2020)
- Exhaust air filtration (publication date: 30.10.2020)
- Pressure vessel testing (publication date: 13.11.2020)
- Counter-pressure (publication date: 27.11.2020)

There is certainly an interesting topic for you, too.

We wish you an exciting read and a good start into the autumn. Yours sincereley,

Maximilian Lauktien, general manager of HMC Europe GmbH
Maximilian Lauktien
HMC Europe GmbH

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